The SimExchange

Cnet news ran a story on the SimExchange’s surprisingly accurate predictions of the videogame market. It is a prediction market for the videogame industry. You get virtual money to spend on videogame titles and platforms.

The idea is that the stock exchange structure works very much like the real market does. Expensive rates reflect a game that will do well in the real market.

Indeed, the SimExchange’s predictions have been as good as and even better than those of the industry’s leading analysts.

I signed up immediately to see how I could do, focusing on the Xbox 360 titles. What’s in it for me? Nothing but bragging rights and satisfaction if I do well. It is fascinating, though. The prices of titles seem to be very well in line with their expectations, for the most part. I could immediately see several as of yet under appreciated titles I could get for cheap, confident in knowing that their price will go up.

I did blow off a lot of my starting allowance until I figured out how it worked (I’m a novice in stock terminology and basics), though, so a lot of catching up to do.






2 responses to “The SimExchange”

  1. Kai Avatar

    With a bit of practice with that thing and you’ll be day-trading in no time.

  2. joonas.laakso Avatar

    The guy behind the SimExchange has said that one of his goals is to teach the gaming public how a stock exchange works. I’d say I already have a much better idea of it all after a day’s playing.

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