The thing with retro games (Speedball II)

The thing with retro releases is that you can get hurt. In the case of something as cherished as Speedball II, you worry about your sweet memories. The Xbox Live Arcade version is on its way, and I dread its release.

Oh, and this is a different game from the Speedball II remake they’re bringing to the PC. That title’s CGI trailer isn’t getting my hopes up, but then again, I play on the consoles only these days. The XBLA version should be the actual Speedball II, just in hi-def.







2 responses to “The thing with retro games (Speedball II)”

  1. Mikki Avatar

    The original Amiga Speedball II was like an enema of PURE AWESOME. They’d better not fuck this one up, or I’ll cry like a baby.

  2. joonas.laakso Avatar

    I am a little worried about my first ever, full-length, paid summer holiday, too. Because if they’re bringing proper online leagues to the game, which would be a logical thing to do, I would need to be there.

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