This region crap needs to end (Aegis Wing, Xbox Live Arcade)

Microsoft is releasing a SHMUP to Xbox Live Arcade, titled Aegis Wing. It does sound good, although no screens or video to look at yet. It is free, too!

Gripe one: my bloody Xbox 360 is still in Germany being fitted with a new DVD drive or lined up for exchange. The free distribution is for limited time only, which is of course good marketing.

Gripe two: Aegis Wing is only available in the United States. What’s up with this region nonsense? It just doesn’t make any goddamn sense to region lock online material. It’s counter-intuitive. It pisses off a lot of your market. Figure it out and solve it please. I want to like your service, I’m still paying for it, but here you go again, pissing me off.

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