Typography and naming in videogames (Idle Thumbs)

This is one of my pet gripes, but I haven’t ever had the time or dedication to write a proper post on it. There are tons and tons of horrible examples, but for now I’d like to direct your attention to this post on Idle Thumbs, which sports a beautiful example of the forthcoming Bioshock.

Just a little effort goes a long way with typography. I know I cringe every single time I see the fonts in the Xbox version of Doom 3.

By the by, I only recently discovered the Idle Thumbs site. It has plenty of great articles for the discerning gamer – even the reviews are worthy of your time: indeed, I have newfound interest in Oblivion due to reading the Idle Thumbs review.

This article on videogame naming conventions is so close to what I think on the subject that I have no choice but to link it.






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