Warhammer 40 000

Today was a grand day. My Imperial Guard army demolished the Chaos Space Marine strikeforce facing them on the battlefield, even taking down a Tzeentch greater demon (although our version was represented by Nyarlathotep). I only lost one unit, squad of infantry who dropped in earlier than I had planned for. My tactic of playing a fighting retreat ahead of the Chaos charges worked all the way. One of the plasma gun guys rolled double snake eyes though, resulting in a blown up plasma gun system and thus a killed weapon operator.

I’m thinking that the rules are indeed a bit too light. We tried a full-scale game, using a 180 cm by 120 cm playing area, and the scale was alright, but I was just left wanting for a bit more detail. Like flanking bonuses. Or higher ground bonuses. Or concealment penalties. Or the possibility to use frag grenades apart from the close combat assault. But it worked, and fun was had, and I will play again. I’m not going to post images as we were really scrounging to get the amount of scenery we needed, and the result was not pleasing to the eye, although being entirely functional.

One house rule we came up with was that stray grenades (or other template weapons) do not disappear harmlessly on a miss. Rather, they deviate 2D6 instead of D6, with a minimum of 6 inches. It’s just more fun when area effect weapons always blow up something.






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