Warhammer 40 000

We’ve played a couple of games of Warhammer 40 000 Kill-team and now a “proper” game over this summer. After the initial rush of playing with miniatures again worn out, I felt the WH ruleset to be rather lacking in the small scale of Kill-team. Everything was too abstract and the proceedings felt bare – too few decisions to make. We then made proper 40K armies with the miniatures we had, managing to put together 650 pts worth of Imperial Guard and Chaos units. In the following game the rules left a much better impression.

Indeed, I liked the game a lot. The rules are still perhaps too abstract – you get no bonus for flanking or holding higher ground, for instance, but in the slightly larger scale the game is clearly tuned for, it’s all good. The problems crop up when you have too uniform units, like basic infantry vs basic infantry. The special weapons and tons of special rules are there to be used, and they really do make a difference. We had drop troops, flamers, a Greater Demon, some fifty troops and a proper mission instead of a straight-on onslaught, and it just worked.

I’m now thinking about writing a proper description for the Imperial Guard force I put together for the game and investing in more IG miniatures. Currently I don’t have any official stuff, it’s all put together from several miniatures lines. The IG may be a little more costly than, say, Space Marines, due to the amount of miniatures you need to field a legit force, but I just like their low-tech grunt thing. And they’re pretty versatile; they can fill in as infantry in just about any scifi setting I may need miniatures for in the future.

I’m very much into building scenery. I’m finally finishing some bases I’ve been “looking at” for years with sand and flock, and actually putting together the projects I’ve been thinking about. Looking forward to posting some pictures soon. No new pieces are in works yet, but it looks like I’ll finish all the ones I’ve begun.







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