Xbox 360 repair report, take two

Without a notice of being on its way back, my Xbox 360 has returned from its second repair round trip. It’s been a total of 19 days. Counting the first repair, after which I only had the console for a couple of hours before having to send it back, I was without a console for a total of 39 days. I didn’t get any goodies to soothe the annoyance I’m feeling, either – must be Microsoft’s superior US service that’s been giving out the surprise goodies I’ve been hearing about. They did send two months of pre-paid Live Gold subscription to cover my losses. (In money, that’s 14€ for my grief.)

Not that I’ve yet plugged the console in, either. The last time’s disappointment is still fresh in the mind, so I’m finding it hard to be enthusiastic. I want to get back to Dead Rising and Oblivion, but what if it scratches another disc? I dread playing the games I’ve borrowed from a friend. Oh well, there’s Castlevania on the hard drive, and a bunch of demos to sample.






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