Xbox 360 scratches discs

I received my warranty-serviced Xbox 360 on Monday. During the first game session it scratched a friend’s Test Drive Unlimited disc. Naturally I’m very pissed off to have to send the console back for a replacement, probably going without a console for another three weeks or so, making this a one and a half month stint without my 400€ entertainment. That’s a lot over the two-week limit the Finnish consumer protection allows for warranty repairs.

They issued a PR-fixing statement after the accusations of the Xbox 360 ruining discs, saying that they will “inform consumers about replacing ruined discs”. What they didn’t say aloud is that this “replacement program” only covers games that Microsoft has published, which is a fraction of all Xbox 360 releases, and they’re charging you 15€ for the privilege.

The console’s retailer agreed to replace the ruined game after some arguing back and forth. If you find yourself in a similar situtation, don’t give in. I’d even go as far as saying that forget about the Microsoft replacement program entirely, because you certainly shouldn’t have to pay extra to fix their mistakes.

Goddamn, just as I was getting all ready to get back to Dead Rising, Oblivion and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Oh well, it’s a consumer’s life for me.






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  1. Kai Avatar

    So you took it and the ruined game to the store to tell them to replace it? Good on you! Did it take a lot of arguing? I mean, did it get to the boss being called in?

  2. joonas.laakso Avatar

    Microsoft handles the warranty repairs of the Xboxes, so that’s going back to Germany via UPS for replacing. I called Xbox support about the game, they directed me to their sad excuse for a replacement program on their website. Then I called the retailer about the disc replacement.

    He tried to explain that it’s the retailer’s responsibility who sold the game. I don’t actually know who sold the game, but I argued that it can’t be their responsibility, as it was this retailer’s faulty hardware that caused the damage. He wasn’t very enthusiastic and cursed the manufacturer, but at least he didn’t pass the matter to another person. Some amount of dodging was to be expected, so I just kept my head, secure in knowing that I’m Right. I think I had to press the issue three times before he gave up.

    I have yet to actually take the ruined disc to the retailer and get it replaced, we’ll see how many hoops I need to jump through while at the counter.

  3. Kai Avatar

    Oh ok. Don’t take shit and refer to your conversation and it’ll be fine, I assume. Too bad about the extra wait though.

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