After the fact: Rainbow Six Vegas 2

I’ve completed Rainbow Six Vegas 2 in both single player and split-screen co-op modes. The game holds up very well. Some of the environments are a little drab, but the well-staged firefights make up for it.

I really like customizing my character – her looks, equipment and functionality. Unlocking more stuff to play with is a good incentive to keep playing, especially since the unlockables mostly just add color and variety, not breaking the game balance in any way.

I need to give the developers a beating over the very last scene, though. It is unplayable in split-screen co-op. Once the final fight triggers, frames per second takes a plunge into the low tens, dropping to around 1-3 fps at worst. Note to Ubisoft: you cannot play a first-person shooter this way. I’m perfectly content with some performance issues in split-screen, but you can’t justify this sort of carelessness.

We did manage to complete the last scene, frustrated to all Hell as we were, but I can’t say that I enjoyed it. Speaking of closure, I have – literally – no idea what the story was about. There was some sort of traitor, but apart from that, I have no clue. Considering that I’ve played through the game twice and made an effort to grasp the story on the second time through, they’ve really managed to hide it well. Not that I cared at all, either, my military FPS does not need a plot to function, but it was sort of funny to try and get excited about the finale, when you don’t know what you should be excited about.

I think I might play some of the multiplayer. I like the Vegas mechanics and gunplay a lot.






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