Buying history

I just bought the Dawn Of War “Everything Pack” from Steam. That includes the original (circa 2004) Warhammer 40’000 real-time strategy and all of its expansions (Winter Assault, Dark Crusade and Soulstorm).

It’s a ridiculous 15 €/$ for the whole set. I briefly played this a couple of years back and somehow didn’t get to it, but I’m now so much into Warhammer 40K that I couldn’t resist it. Of course the sequel is right around the corner and looking great, but at least I know that my current PC can handle the older version.

I’ve only bought a couple of titles from Steam previously, but I gotta say it works very well indeed. It makes buying PC games over the internet the kind of almost too easy experience which Play does so well. To think that Steam was considered blasphemous when it originally came out, meeting a wall of nerd rage resistance, and now it feels like the obvious place to be if you want to play on the PC.

There’s a lot of other great offers, as well, including some oldies for 99 cents. It lasts until January 2 2009, so get to it!






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