Cadian Sentinel

Yeah, it's obviously an AT-ST, actually. Click to go big
Yeah, it’s obviously an AT-ST, actually. Click to go big

I made this Warhammer 40’000 Imperial Guard Cadian Sentinel today. It’s not quite done, lacking the metal shafts and piping in the legs and the gun’s barrel because I’m out of gray paint, and the base because I’m out of time, but I am pretty happy with it thus far. It turned out better than I expected, although the backside view is boring since there’s nothing but green. I’ll need to think of some detailing.

I wish I had spent more time and effort on the pilot – I figured he wouldn’t be quite so visible with the mostly enclosed cockpit version I opted for. It’s not a disaster, but especially his face could be more interesting.

I like the amount of choice in this model. There were quite a few options to choose from. This is but a prelude and a training piece of sorts to prepare me for the Space Marine Dreadnought I got from Santa. I have wanted one since I was a kid and it feels… very… good… to finally get one. I hope I can do it justice.

Sidenote: The WordPress image gallery is driving me nuts. I hope the image works for most of you.






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