Champions Online

Cryptic studios was working on a Marvel superhero online game. The deal fell through, but Cryptic has now announced that work on a new superhero MMORPG, Champions Online, continues. It is actually based on the best-selling pen and paper RPG of the same name. I am no fan of the HERO system nor the four-color superhero RPG genre so popular in the United States, but I’m very happy that they’re basing the effort on a beloved tabletop game.

All of the stuff they’re doing sounds cool, especially the action being action and not icon-clicking. There’s also an Xbox 360 version in the works, which pleases me to no end. And considering that this is the crew that already did the successful City Of Heroes online superhero thing, there may be good omens in there. Go check out the screenshots, it looks like a hoot.

Rock Paper Shotgun has an in-depth writeup, complete with pictures.






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