Finishing stuff

Walls and fences finished

Ruined corner finished

Ruined corner finished inside

Old craters finished

Chaos bases finished

Space Marine color scheme

I’ve been painting miniatures for the whole weekend. More specifically, I’ve been basing models I’ve basically completed ages ago to finally be content and done with them. I have around fifty new models to assemble, so it’s good to get some stuff off the workshelf for good.

I’m not very good with the camera so apologies for the out of focus pictures and oh god the paintjobs don’t hold up to close-ups. I don’t think they look quite that bad in real life.

Update: This CSS crap is wearing me out! I’m finished with fixing the image layout for now. I’m sorry it’s not very spiffy on IE and about the odd row overlapping an image a bit.

You might recall the walls and fences. They look so much better with bases. I’m very pleased with these.

The ruined corner piece has also been featured before. While basically done, I do want to add some detail to it, especially color. Thinking back, I wonder why I didn’t model any battle damage to the wall propers, only the broken ends… My wife proposed graffiti, and I think that’s just what it needs. I have some ideas for that, we’ll see. I have another of these buildings in the works – it’s going to be in a much less stable condition.

These craters are over ten years in the making (thirteen, I think!). I just had to finish them, even though the underlying design is not very good. They’re basically worthless as game pieces, because the sides are not tall enough to count as cover. “Difficult terrain” may be the best they’ll ever be, but hey, they’re pretty, something to cover the plain floor with. At least they’re done now. I plan to make more craters soon.

The nine models belong to my Chaos force in Warhammer 40 000. They’re actually White Wolf’s Trinity Battleground (wow, check out the animated GIF header!) miniatures from way back. These models have been painted for a long time (there’s a bunch more in various stages) and now they’re finally based. It does make all the difference, totally worth the one day it takes to base a bunch of models.

Finally, I began thinking about my Space Marine color scheme. I wanted something grey or green and this is as far as I got. It’s got base colors, single washes and the armor has been highlighted. The accents are going to be yellow (gloves, shoulder pad liners, backpack skull). I don’t know if it will be anything tasteful, I often need to go through several iterations before I settle on something good. Why is it that the official colors never feel good enough? This time I found one scheme I liked, but I just couldn’t bring myself to simply copy it.







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