Metal Gear Solid 4: PS. I love you, Harry Gregson-Williams

Metal Gear Solid has always had a distinctive soundtrack, with MGS2’s title sequence ranking up there with the best of cinematic tunes. In MGS4, the composer Harry Gregson-Williams has outdone eveything that we’ve come to expect from orchestrated, cinematic scores. Right from the first notes, the music perfectly compliments the action, adding just the right gravitas to any situation, often making you stand and take notice, but most times just elevating things without you realizing it. It’s great and it makes me want to listen to soundtracks again, as standalone products. (My favorites are probably Xenosaga by Yasunori Mitsuda and the original Halo soundtrack by Marty O’Donnell)

In addition to general background music, the score is full of surprises, sections that break the pattern, often echoing something from the series’ past.






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