Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix tunes

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix screenshot (

OverClocked was contracted to arrange the music to Capcom’s long-awaited HD remix of Street Fighter II. The results are really very good. I haven’t listened to videogame music for a while, save for the stuff we’re doing at work, and this is really bringing back memories. Let’s just say that I changed my cellphone’s ringtone for the first time in years and years (the previous one being o2’s remix of Nemesis The Warlock’s theme tune by Rob Hubbard).

Get the album from here – it’s available for download free of charge.

Oh, the game? I haven’t really played it yet. I’m waiting for the PS3 release, because pulling those quarter-circles on the ridiculously clunky Xbox 360 D-pad is just not within my abilities. Well, yes, one of those would be nice. Even though it requires a hack to be used on the 360 and even then isn’t two-player… at least I could use it on the PC and the PS3. Or I could just get one of Hori’s single-player models, albeit they’re for single console use only.

Addendum: Well, yeah, of course I had to buy it immediately after checking out the demo for a minute. My wife promptly kicked my ass for the following six matches. I did get the 360 version and with my age-deprived skills, I don’t immediately find the controller a limitation. The game is jaw-dropping gorgeus, though.



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