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Space Hulk is back, again, this time sanctioned by both the previous videogame licence owner EA, who has granted the use of some its old assets and Games Workshop. I find this curious, as GW has been known to be very protective over its intellectual property.

Teardown is a freeware release and it’s out now. They’ve put some effort towards the aesthetics. It’s got heart-warming 2D charms, basic sound and a considered user interface. I could not resist playing a couple of games last night even though it was well past my bedtime.

They have made precious few changes to the game, chief among them a ranking system for surviving Space Marine Terminators in a campaign, which is obviously welcome. Oh god, those pictures bring back the memories of painting my own Terminators as a teenager. I wonder where they are now?

Update on 5 March 2008: The Teardown site has been taken down due to excessive bandwidth usage. Also, Games Workshop has issued a letter on an undisclosed matter, presumably concerning their intellectual rights. All of which is too bad, I hope the guys work it out without severe financial consequences.



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