MechWarrior is set to come back and based on this trailer, I’m excited. BattleTech was never my favorite mecha franchise, but great things could be done with it. It sounds like the developer is going to stick to making it feel like an approachable, personal experience, focusing on the feeling of being there in the cockpit of a huge machine. It’s a reboot of the franchise to commemorate 25 years of autocannon history – they’re hoping to make it seem less like a chore to get in by essentially starting at the beginning.

Lots of the things they’re doing are what I care about MechWarrior. It’s about having these immensely powerful machines, without the capacity to churn out more of them. The machines need constant repairs and battlefield salvage is very important. It’s not about cloned armies of disposable machines – here, a single “lance” of a handful of mechs is enough to take an entire planet. It’s not about action movie heroes, it’s about old families and immense responsibility.

Looking forward to it a lot.







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