The birth of the deathmatch

A Visit to id Software from john romero on Vimeo.

This thing takes you back sixteen years. It’s cool to realise how much of the Doom experience I recall is based on sound, seeing how it feels played here before its launch, with placeholder sound effects from the SNES port of Wolfenstein 3D. Cool stuff.







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  1. Kai Avatar

    The eerie screams and roars of the monsters were definitely a big part of the game for me as well. But I distinctly remember getting pretty freaked at exactly the point in E1M3 they describe as scary when you step onto the keycard and the lights go out. The flickering strobes and dark areas coupled with often eerie music… Doom really upped the ante.

  2. Kai Avatar

    Oh yeah, and Romero shouting “oooh, bits!” shows how cool gibbing was even to the id dev team. And it’s cute how he says “yeah, we’ll network this with Shawn. I’ll show you”. I don’t think they’d thought of the name deathmatch yet.

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