I liked Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad a lot more than what I can rationally justify. Wet feels a lot like a higher budget version of that game, portrayed as a 70s exploitation flick, much in the same vein as Kill Bill.

Eliza Dushku is a perfect fit for Rubi, the assassin heroine, mostly for her previous role as Faith. The sound design stands out with bold music.

The gameplay feels like Max Payne, which is a good thing. Once you learn the system’s wall runs, knee slides and jumps, going into slow motion whenever you’re doing one of the stunts, it’s easy to look good. I particularly like the way the scoring is always prompting you to chain and vary your killing sprees.

There are several cool mechanics. Firing two guns at two separate targets works well – Rubi automatically aims at the closest bad guy, but it’s up to you to draw a bead at another bad guy. Rubi only fires when you’re pulling the trigger and your aim on the second guy determines how well she handles the first target.

Another well done section is the car chase, where Rubi leaps from car to car, slicing off arms and firing at the pursued vehicles. The acrobatics are all quick time events – hit A to jump in time, hit X to slice off an arm – but they always work the same way and when you’re not pressing a button, you’re taking aim and firing your guns, which works normally. This way you always feel like you’re in control, yet you’re doing very cool acrobatics at the same time. In a way it feels like they could’ve pushed it a little bit further and made it fully interactive, but I gotta say this is enough for me.

I am looking forward to the full title and will likely buy it. Stranglehold did many of the same things, but never grabbed the same way, perhaps because it takes itself a little too seriously.






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