Dirty Angels

WIP: Space Marine Blood Angels

I painted my Space Marines for three nights in a row, picked up some more paints and brushes (my wife got an “Insane Detail” brush, which I find hilarious), and today painted all night long. It’s great to be really into something that’s not work.

Currently I’ve completed the base colors and inks for the beginnings of my new Blood Angels force. As you can see, I like my Angels dirty. There’s still plenty of highlighting and touch-up to do, but I couldn’t resist snapping some photos of the work in progress.

I am first working on the Dreadnought and some Tactical Marines plus their Sergeant. I feel dumb for working on the Dreadnought without having worked on some basic troops first, seeing that I’ve made a bunch of mistakes already, but I needed something so cool to get back to that I knew I’d keep on painting despite being busy with other stuff.

From the left: two Deathwatch Marines, formerly of the Blood Angels, one basic BA Marine, BA Dreadnought, BA Sergeant and tactical Marine with flamer. The flamer guy is the only one with what I think will be the basic paint scheme for the army, the others are experiments.






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  1. Mia Meri aka "The Dusty Wife" Avatar
    Mia Meri aka “The Dusty Wife”

    Oh, you found it hilarious, did you?! :D Well, I only find it practical since my Isis miniature started to resemble too much like “Tuksu” with my “fine” detail brushes. ;)

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