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I didn’t see myself going down the “let’s mod a PC RPG until it no longer starts up” road again, but here we are. These mods have changed Dragon Age on the PC from “it’s pretty good” to “it’s awesome” for me. I thought for the longest time that I’d get it for 360, but I’m happy I finally went PC. I’ve been playing all the fights in the zoomed-out tactical view, which I think is unavailable in the console versions, and I can’t see myself fighting without it.

Advanced Tactics: Allows you more flexibility in “programming” your party’s behavior in combat. More importantly for me, it automatically positions rogues in a flanking maneuver without the need for micro-managing your rogues after every single movement by anyone in the melee. This speeds up fighting to no end and makes basic encounters feel positively like Final Fantasy XII, where your smart party autonomously dispatches all foe they can see in an efficient manner, unless you step in.

Auto Loot: Removes a lot of completely unnecessary clicking. Sometimes the party ends up running in weird places or missing loot evidently at their feet, but most of the time, it works just splendidly.

Madd Gift Guide: Takes the guesswork or the good ol’, mood-killing quick-save – quick-load trial and error routine out of gifting your companions.

No Helmet Hack 1_6: Simply hides helmets from view while retaining their effects. The helmets are for the most part real ugly and utterly destroy my sense of disbelief. Come to think of it, I also want to get rid of the ridiculous always-on status and spell effects which make all of my characters glitter and sparkle all the time. Sometimes the mod gives me a notification that it doesn’t appear to be working, although it always has.

Finally, hooray for non-informative mod names! I searched for this mod until I gave up and then accidentally stumbled upon it while doing something entirely different. The Personal Annoyance Remover should turn off those lame looking always-on effects from your weapons which make your party look like a misjudged Christmas decoration running loose. I’m not quite sure if it works like I wanted to, though.

Kudos to Dragon Age Nexus for keeping these mods archived. I do believe I want to do something about those Bioware faces, still…






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