Steam sale

Dragon Age: Origins

The end of year Steam sale was surprisingly light on the wallet. The only title I was really looking forward to was Dragon Age, which was 50% off for the Ultimate Edition and promptly purchased for 20€.

The other purchases:

SimCity 4 Deluxe – I don’t have a proper SimCity (Societies doesn’t count) and it seems that SC4 is the last proper one we’re getting. Already had a lot of fun with this. Age not really showing all that much even though it’s all the way from 2003.

AI War – I’ve been intrigued by this for a long time and 2€ is low enough to satisfy my curiosity. I haven’t played it yet.

Indigo Prophecy – I’m not sure if this was even part of the sale, but I noticed it in the “less than 5€” category. Never got around to playing it when it first released and I loved Heavy Rain so much, I need to get a grip on these guys’ legacy.

Zen Bound 2 – Also not sure if it was even part of the sale, also under 5€ and I gotta support fellow Finnish developer. Weird mouse controls requiring large movements, I think it’ll be better on the laptop touchpad, actually.

My Steam library at the moment is reason enough to keep me from buying new games for quite a while. I will, of course, but at least the urge is sated somewhat. That’s 43 games, out of which I think I still “need to play” 19 and of which 8 I haven’t really even touched yet. It’s still smaller than my console pile of shame, though.






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