Dusting off

Author, testing make up for his first LARP, just before Covid lockdown

Recent developments in social media (Twitter/X) have made me think I want to reclaim my online presence from the whims of billionaires. I’m resurrecting this blog after more than a decade of neglect (well, not quite, I’ve kept WordPress up to date). It’s self hosted and managed.

I don’t remember what the title originally referred to. Thinking back, perhaps I felt old already at the time – I would’ve been in my mid-20s, but gaming is a weird environment – or maybe it was about my taste, which was often old games. It is certainly dusty around here.

I am keeping the old title for continuity’s sake, as well as the old archive. Some of the stuff holds up, and I like the anachronic aspect of it in this age of less than sixty second videos in endless feeds. Twitter just deleted media predating 2014, which to me feels like yesterday.

When the site was born, I wanted to get into games professionally. Once I did, I started writing a lot less, and while I never stopped playing, there hasn’t been as much motivation to write about it. I’ve had a career as a producer, and more recently in HR, in games, moving from a mid size studio to my childhood dream studio, on to a mobile start-up, and currently landing with a big multi national corporation.

In 2023 I’m gaming on everything but the Nintendo systems. In addition to videogames, I play a lot of tabletop.

In 2023, my motivation for writing is primarily talking about my own projects. I have miniature gaming and roleplaying game designs under work.






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