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  • Dusting off

    Dusting off

    Recent developments in social media (Twitter/X) have made me think I want to reclaim my online presence from the whims of billionaires. I’m resurrecting this blog after more than a decade of neglect (well, not quite, I’ve kept Wordpress up to date).

  • State of play

    State of play

    I was asked to write about where roleplaying is, locally, as I see it, in Finland right now. This came at an opportune time as I’ve thought hard about it recently.

  • My GDC 2013

    My GDC 2013

    I like San Francisco. I like the western US, and SF is my second most favorite place over there, right after Seattle. I have gone there once a year for the Game Developers Conference for five years now. It’s enough to start to know my way around downtown. This year I was staying at the…