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  • State of play

    State of play

    I was asked to write about where roleplaying is, locally, as I see it, in Finland right now. This came at an opportune time as I’ve thought hard about it recently.

  • Thank you for the music

    Thank you for the music

    In April 2013 Harmonix Music Systems stopped their weekly song updates to their videogame Rock Band. Up to now they had 281 consecutive weeks of adding tracks to the game, ending up with a catalogue of 4262 songs. Back in January 2008 when I first encountered Rock Band I was still part-timing as a game…

  • Oculus Rift and virtual reality

    Oculus Rift and virtual reality

    You’re sure you’ve seen it before. Maybe an ad in a computer magazine in the nineties? Maybe a music video? Surely a movie somewhere – Johnny Mnemonic? Max Headroom? One of those things. The Oculus Rift, its presence reinforced by the foreboding name (a rift? What’s coming out of the rift? I don’t want to…