I'm not here anymore!

In January 2024, this site, along with all of my other Wordpress installations, got hacked through my most functional yet most rarely updated food blog. The site was up to date, but looks like one of the plugins wasn't. Or at least that's where the trojan and the backdoor first appeared. This was discouraging as I had just started blogging again, having updated this blog over weeks of work.

I couldn't remove the infection, and decided to purge the whole setup, and build anew.

I'm undecided on if I want to bring any of the old content back up, seeing that most of it is more than a decade old. In the meantime, my new gaming content is focused on roleplaying games and it can be found at


See you there, friend!

Unless you're out here looking to infect personal blogs with Hungarian furniture SEO bullshit. You can die and rot in Hell.